Confirmation from Parliamentary Review

Rotherham Politics

A Parliamentary Review confirms what Rothpol has always said.

“There is no evidence that children are any safer fro sexual abuse because
of the Councils meaningless new paper policies.

Right then, that’s where we are. Bit embarrassing, but we can move forward,
can’t we?

Children in danger, action plans needed, leadership essential and change
imperative. We know our failings, so onwards and upwards through action to
a better future for our children. Zip and ginger, vim and verve are orders
of the day.

But hang on, where are our community leaders? There seems a resounding

Is Roger Stone alive; he is certainly silent? Maybe like Stalin, he’s been
dead a long time but none dare enter his bedroom to find out? Is the
Cabinet he leads in his bedroom?

MP Barron whose celebrated years of experience has taught him to mmmmm,
keep stumm and fill in a nifty expenses…

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2 Responses to Confirmation from Parliamentary Review

  1. R. Wilde says:

    Duplicate post?

  2. Yes – sorry ! Over enthusiastic on the “reblog” key 🙂

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