Letter to Kevin Barron MP re Rotherham Hospital

To: kevin barron

Cc: leader RMBC, martinkimber, editor advertiser, a rushforth, maggiegodfrey, chris beaumont

 Dear Kevin Barron,
I and a number of your constituents are extremely concerned about the report in this week’s Advertiser about the survey which states that 
“Half of the staff at Rotherham Hospital would not recommend their family or friends to be treated there …”
 Could you please inform me and the constituents of Rother Valley what your views are on this shocking situation with Rotherham Hospital and tell us what your intentions are as our MP to rectify this ?
I look forward to your early response to this matter considering the importance of this issue.
Please respond by email as this method is so much more reliable than ordinary letter writing.
Brenda Gunning 
Maltby Resident 
ps One of your constituents Julie Meese has asked me to pass on some comments to you as follows :
 “Do tell him that I said Hi, and that I am now fully aware of his usefulness, (or lack thereof), to the continuing needs of the population of Maltby!  And also tell him that I still l require him to intervene on my behalf to rectify the falsification of my medical record, as per his obligation to me as his constituent. ” 
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4 Responses to Letter to Kevin Barron MP re Rotherham Hospital

  1. Julie Meese says:

    …Oh yes, and then there will be the little matter of my brother’s untimely death in 2008!

  2. Blimey … … !
    Do tell.

  3. Joe Robinson says:

    At last years trust board meeting which I attended the executives lauded their care standards as the best in south yorkshire. I questioned this statement then and I do more so now. The devastating cuts are now begining to bite. Waiting times are up, and care standards are falling. Ward closures are being disscussed (some have already been closed). We as a town of over 100,000 deserve better than a cottage hospital, and a poor 1 at that.

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