Kevin Baron’s reply regarding Rotherham Hospital

Letter received by post this morning re

(House of Commons headed, thick quality paper and envelope, first class postage, instead of email as suggested.)

“Thankyou for your email regarding the recent article about Rotherham Hospital in the Rotherham Advertiser.

I received an email from the Interim Chief Executive of Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust in relation to the article, a copy of which I have enclosed for your perusal.

I am concerned about the Hospital’s problems, which have been financial issues, not patient safety or care issues. I can advise that I have had several meetings with representatives of the Hospital over the last few months and will continue to express such concerns in the future.

Yours sincerely,

Kevin Barron MP



“Article in the Rotherham Advertiser

In this week’s edition of the Rotherham Advertiser an article has been published in relation to the Trust’s annual Staff Survey in which we are benchmarked against other Trust’s nationally. The Staff Survey was conducted in Autumn 2012, this was prior to the current turnaround effort, and there is evident in the recent in CQC (Care Quality Commission) inspection (sic) that staff morale has already shown a clear improvement. The recent CQC inspection that took place on 6th June highlights the improvement in these findings and results from the inspection will be shared very soon with you. Trusts’ Staff Survey results are available to the public by the CQC. I would like to take this opportunity to assure you that Trust Board received a report in May regarding the survey results which provided clear recommendations from People & Organisational Development in response to the results and actions are now in process.

Michael Morgan

Interim Chief Executive

Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust  “

The September 2012 report mentioned can be found here :

Look forward to the June 6th report when it is published.

I shall be emailing Kevin Barron again regarding his response (and to ask him why he didn’t use  cost effective email )  

I am more than happy to put any comments or questions to him that readers may have, in connection with this or any other issue. 


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