Next Years Elections – Battle Lines Being Drawn

Poor Rotherham. What hope is there with the crew we have ‘At the top’ ? Should be interesting though and hopefully some opposition with their minds set on the town and community rather than their own power9

Rotherham Politics

For those seriously intending to contest next year’s borough council elections, the battle is already beginning.

None more so than amongst the cohort of Labour incumbents, coming up for re-election next year.

They have their own re-selection battles to fight and I am informed that things are very likely to get very interesting, in more than a few ward Labour parties in Rotherham come December, when most of the selection votes will take place.

The Labour selection battleground:

WardIncumbent% Vote Share
Anston & WoodsettsJo Burton39.6
Boston CastleRose McNeely41
Brins & CatcliffeAlan Buckley46.8
DinningtonJackie Falvey49.7
HoldernessGerald Smith48.6
HooberBrian Steele51.2
KeppelIan Baron35.1
MaltbyAmy Rushforth39.8
Rother ValeRichard Russell47.3
Rotherham EastShaukut Ali48.6
Rotherham WestJahangir Akhtar42.6
SilverwoodPat Russell42
SwintonNeil License55
ValleyDave Pickering44.7
Wales WardJenny…

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