Maltby Active Tots Play Area – Maltbyblogger’s response to comments

Save our field –

Thank you for your comment and again, apologies for not seeing it earlier !

I appreciate your comment that this may be bad news for residents in the immediate vicinity of the green.
As you say, any form of play area has the potential to become a focal and congregation point for youths with all the associated antisocial behaviour that we are all too well aware of in Maltby, and in many other areas across the country. Also as you say the age range of those using it would make no difference in this respect, unless the area was “policed” continually, which is clearly not an option.

Save our green / Green –

It is of some concern that you state “Some of the proposers of the active tots group would appear to accept that weekly or occasional antisocial behaviour is acceptable”. Could you elaborate on what these proposers have actually said ?
I agree wholeheartedly that the residents here or anywhere else come to that, are right in saying they will not accept this as a standard, in any circumstances.

Personally, I prefer not to use the term “anti social behaviour ” because to me the type of behaviour that is placed under this heading is usually criminal, and at least against all bye laws and general decency. I know from much personal experience of these issues in Maltby, particularly when trying to get a “play area” up and running to prevent this behaviour from happening in the first place !

I can not comment on your point of members of the committee having a business interest in developing a play area on Trueman Green field as I am not involved in the group at all.
Could you perhaps give more details of the nature of this interest either by comment here or by email to maltbyblogger ?

Any communications to maltbyblogger privately can be assured of discretion and anonymity if that is what you prefer.

Maltbyblogger reports on issues, topical, political and of interest and concern to us in Maltby/Hellaby/ Rotherham.
I give my own opinions freely, and report on those of others that I find recorded.
Maltbyblogger has no affiliation to any group or party, political or otherwise.

I had a new unopened, unused marquee which I gave to the Maltby Active Tots Group a few weeks ago for use as they see fit. This is not an endorsement of their views, plans or anything else.

Maltbyblogger looks forward to your comments.

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