Everyone needs good neighbours

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Rotherham Politics

“So, Asbo’s next door neighbour submits a Planning application for house extensions that might overlook his property, might reduce his privacy and might place his house and gardens in a shadow.

Incredibly, according to the report of the Planning Officer, he doesn’t take up his legal right to comment, never mind object!

Slow down…… is this the Asbo we know? Is it Asbo Akhtar

Read on, because the neighbours Application was rejected anyway on June 24th 2013

The planning application got short shrift from the Officers.

“Discussions during the determination of the application have identified that it is not possible to support a scheme of this nature nor would any amendments make it acceptable” they wrote.

For Planners this is dramatic stuff offering no hope for Asbo’s neighbour. No amendments can make it acceptable, so get lost and don’t come back.

However reading the Planners assessment and recommendations I…

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