Maltby Ward Community Plan

So here it is. The long awaited Maltby Community Plan.

It won’t take long to read it as there’s hardly anything in it. 

Maltbyblogger wouldn’t be so pedantic as to comment on the numerous spelling and grammar mistakes within the 5 short pages because presumably those who wrote it are trying to save money on proof reading and editing to spend on the more important issues in Maltby.

So, what exactly is the plan, who is going to implement it and how ?  This document doesn’t tell us.

It’s a bit strange to name it a “plan” when all it tells us is about issues that we already know of. What is actually going to be DONE and who wrote this document ?

Beats me …

Perhaps there is a part 2 to the “plan” which identifies actions and how they are  intended to be implemented ?

It could be called The Maltby Action Plan ! 

Over to you readers …


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