There must be a better explanation for riots in Broom?

Rotherham Politics

Information is coming in that points to a different explanation of the incredible events in Broom on Tuesday night?

Tomorrows Advertiser leads on this story, which should make interesting reading in the morning. This can be viewed thanks to Gareth Dennison,

Meanwhile the Advertiser website has this rather enigmatic story, rather light in terms of detail:

Riot spreads across three Rotherham streets – mounted officers sent into Broom

FEUDING families sparked an early hours disturbance spread across three urban streets.

Police attended the Broom area of Rotherham at around 12.20pm this morning (20) after receiving reports of a disturbance on and around Lillian Street, Tooker Road and Gerard Road.

A police spokesman said that officers found “a number of people on the streets” upon their arrival, adding: “Various allegations of assault have been made.”

Officers worked to disperse the crowd but the incident lasted until around 2.30am according to…

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