Why the Labour Party should investigate?

This whole affair becomes more incredulous by the minute. There doesn’t appear to be an ounce of regret, shame or willingness to own up to wrong doing, by any of those involved. Passing the blame on to someone else is about the only thing Rotherham Council and it’s sorry excuse for a Police and Crime Commissioner seem able to do well.
Thanks to Rothpol. Wil Ewart and all the contributors on here who surely, soon, will see their work and determinedness to bring the wrong doers to account come to fruition.

Maltbyblogger reblogs rothpol for the benefit of those who might not otherwise be aware of the ongoing situation.
I am in the process of re-writing to my MP Kevin Barron and to Cllrs Rushforth, Beaumont and Godfrey on the matter and shall pass on any information gained – though I feel that this is very unlikely to happen.
(Regarding Wyatt on Twitter, the article is also doing the rounds via Sarah Champion MP but her response so far is non existant)

Rotherham Politics

Fresh in from Wil Ewart:

The Times article at no point suggested that Akhtar had committed a criminal offence. If there was a clear implication it was about his getting involved to secure the release without prosecution of his relative.

That is despite the fact that his relative was clearly breaking the law by having a sexual relationship with a minor, one who had been taken into care; that he had taken her away from a safe environment without telling the authorities where and without their approval.

The spin that we will see over the next few weeks is that his primary purpose was to save the girl with a secondary interest in his relative.

There are some big flaws in this spin. The primary one being that the Police arrested the victim and let the perpetrator go free.  Akhtar knew about this, and maybe even was party to negotiating…

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