A Longer view?

Interesting and revealing piece on the

Rotherham Politics

This interesting and revealing piece was sent to Rothpol today, the author ticked the no publicity box:

“Most labour supporters are sure Akhtar will be reinstated as deputy leader once the police have completed their investigation, sorry, cover up operation.
They believe Akhtar didn’t know the full ins & outs of the Arshid Hussain (his relative) case.

Here is what most of the blind labour followers are missing. The over riding factor that will surely hurt Akhtar is that he knew to some extent about Ash & the girl, this was when he was not a councillor. He was a cab driver but had very close links to the council & police. He helped return the girl to the police while at the same time helping his relation.

However he was labelled a hero for helping return the girl from the dangers of a violent man.

A little later he…

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  1. Background and insight into the disgraceful situation within Rotherham and Rotherham Council.

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