The shame of the Rotherham Labour 57!

Rotherham Politics

Rotherham’s Labour Group
Shabana Ahmed Jahangir Akhtar Shaukat Ali
Jenny Andrews Lauren Astbury Alan Atkin
Ian Barron Christine Beaumont Dominic Beck
Alan Buckley Jo Burton Maggi Clark
Simon Currie Judith Dalton Barry Dodson
John Doyle Sue Ellis Jacqui Falvey
John Foden Maggie Godfrey Alan Gosling
Keith Goulty Jane Hamilton Neil Hamilton
Jane Havenhand Emma Hoddinott Mahroof Hussain
Lyndsay Johnston Barry Kaye Paul Lakin
Denise Lelliott Neil License Rose McNeely
Dave Pickering Lyndsay Pitchley Chris Read
Christopher Robinson David Roche Andrew Roddison
Amy Rushforth Ann Russell Pat Russell
Richard Russell Alex Sangster Terry Sharman
Kath Sims Gerald Smith Brian Steele
Roger Stone John Swift Simon Tweed
Emma Wallis Gordon Watson Glyn Whelbourn
Jenny Whysall Peter Wooton Ken Wyatt

This lot of greedy and lazy oiks, have totally lost their moral compass!

How can they remain silent any longer? There must be some with the vestiges of principle, decency and honour left…

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1 Response to The shame of the Rotherham Labour 57!

  1. It is of great concern for Maltby that we have Jenny Andrews, Lauren Astbury, Christine Beaumont, Maggie Godfrey and of course our dear Amy Rushforth (who thinks she has a hereditary right to “represent” us, all on Maltby Town Council as well as RMBC.
    5 out of 57 is pretty good going for Maltby and enough representatives of of the public to put the public’s views across. It would be good if these councillors remembered that it is the views of the electorate that are important here, NOT the views of the Labour Party.
    So, are any or all of these councillors intending to make a statement on the CSE situation in Rotherham and if so how long do we have to wait ? As Rothpol says, their silence speaks volumes. I would suggest that they speak out pretty sharply, as the elections of 2014 will soon be here.

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