Who is responsible for “The Terminator” video ? Rothpolitics under attack !

Received this email from Rothbradpol :

Rik Van Hegan Rotherham Politics Blogger Interviewed by the Terminator

by Rothbradpol

Well one Swinton Lad, or should we say one elderly chap is none to happy to be identified as a Respect Party Co Conspirator Rik Van Hegan.  I never realised that old Rik had an ulterior motive for his Rotherham Politics blog site ie RothPol.  Becoming aware through this highly entertaining Video by our dear old friend the Terminator that old Rik is an ex Labour Councillor Candidate who was rejected by his Swinton Peers makes complete sense of all the hatred and poison that spews forth from his coffee stained keyboard.

I will say no more other than no community or race of people should be targeted for such insults and verbal molestation as is the Asian Community by this embittered old man and his little boy Shaykh Omair Hussain.  Sad Really………………..Watch and Enjoy………’Seek And Justify!’  (I wonder what he means).



So Rik Van Hegan is Yvonne Ridley’s way into Rotherham as a potential Member of Parliament for the Respect Party.  Now there is a laugh!  After the disastrous Bradford Spring caused by the activities of Galloway’s thugs in Bradford Respect; Rotherham folk would not entertain such a woman.  It would be best if Lord Haw Haw (our dear old Rik) and that Chicken farmer retire to Syria and have cause to complain.

Goodnight to you all……….

The lengths that some Labour Party supporters will go to to disguise their dirty dealings and policy of seeping everything under the carpet !  

So, who is behind “The Terminator”  ? Whose voices could this possibly be, and why such an attack on the Rotherham Politics blog ?  Could it be that the Labour Party are now clutching at straws to discredit everything and everyone that – quite rightly – discredits them ?

A number of names springs to mind here, which I am sure readers will think of themselves.

What a farce- except a farce is intended to be amusing.


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