Kevin Barron on PCCs on Sunday Politics – “The Jury’s Out”

What a stroke of luck – just changed TV channel to see our Kev,  MP for Rother Valley on the Sunday Politics show, talking about our Police and Crime Commissioner, Shaun Wright. They both just happened to meet at the gym the other day and were able to talk about the report on PCCs that came out this last week.

Kevin can confirm that Shaun is “putting himself about a bit”, so all ok there then.

Kevin voted for Shaun Wright in the PCC election but states that the Labour Party did not wish them to actually have them.

If he had his way would he discard the role of PCCs ? Well, that’s for someone on a higher salary than our Kevin to answer (God help us) he says.

“The jury’s out”.

Hopefully, they will make a decision promptly, though nothing will change for at least 18 months and that when it’s made, whatever it is, benefits us in the lessening of ALL crime. Not just that which is the order of the day for Shaun Wright et al.

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