A Happy New Year, a Welcome to 2014 and a Resolution

It’s that time again when we look back on the year that has just passed and ahead to the year in front of us. I almost put “look forward”  but for many people there doesn’t seem to be a great deal to look forward to.

Many things have happened, politically and socially as ever, and many things that maybe should have changed have stayed the same. The news of our MP’s knighthood has taken many of us by surprise – this warrants a post of it’s very own and will be added shortly.

In a year when we have seen a Rotherham MP jailed, and another knighted within the space of a couple of weeks, there is clearly much to be discussed and investigated. The disgrace of Rotherham Borough Council’s actions – or lack of – in the Child Sex Exploitation case, that of South Yorkshire Police and our Police and Crime Commissioner, and the behaviour of the Chief Executive, Leader and Deputy Leader continues to hang over our heads. Hopefully this is not something that “they” are expecting us to forget about and some sort of resolution must surely come in the near future.

Maltby Town Council’s make up and actions is, as ever, a major interest to maltbyblogger and the elctorate.

With elections in May, there will be those who have kept relatively silent recently who will be wanting to express their views and attempt to prove their responsibility and suitability for the vacancies.

Maltbyblogger resolves to keep this blog up to date and informed on all matters that are sometimes left uncommunicated to us, the ordinary folk. Please comment on the blog, email me or speak out on Facebook. Only by effective communication can we look forward to a year of honesty and best policy for the community to be achieved.

Have a good one …


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