Dave Smith Reports

No mention of the petition on Kev’s website regarding this. All together now … No surprises there then !

Rotherham Politics

A personal insight from Dave Smith’s keyboard:

Mr Lewis and I as good citizens went along on Saturday to the handing in of the 38 Degrees petition on the gagging bill to Sir Nutkins Barron at his office in Dinnington.

There were several people there but it just turned into the I love myself Barron show, he spent twenty minutes talking about himself.  He stated that he had spent 30 years as a member of parliament.  This then progressed to 30 years as a legislator then on to 30 years a law maker.

Somehow or other he managed to spin from the gagging bill to what a fantastic single handed job he had done in bringing the smoking in public buildings legislation in.  Then we went on to the NHS and what an amazing job he had done whilst chairing the health committee, whilst he was eulogizing on this suddenly…

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