Kevin Barron on 38 degrees petition … or not

No mention of the petition  to the handing in of the 38 Degrees petition on the gagging bill to Barron at his office in Dinnington on Saturday, on our MP’s website.

Seems he took the opportunity of a small audience to spout off about the wonderful things he has done in his 30 year (too) long career.  How will he vote on this matter  is the question his constituents would lie an answer to.

News Items worthy of a mention on Kev’s Website include :

Housing Crisis

Stronger Safer Communities

Speed Limit Proposals Consultation

I have still to find a way to get onto my MP’s newsletter mailing list. Have tried to register for it numerous times over the past few years and have telephoned twice with no result. Perhaps another phone call to his office, now that he is “honoured” may just do the trick.  Anyone know of anyone who receives this newsletter ?


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