Councillor Vacancies on Maltby Town Council – Do we want an election ?

As we know Maltby Town Council’s website is still “experiencing technical difficulties” so a lady in the office has posted  the notices of councillor vacancies on Facebook.

“Maltby Town Council have been experiencing problems with their website for the past few months, we are doing everything to try and rectify this as quickly as possible. In the past week 2 vacancies for Town Councillor has arisen on the Town Council and notices are displayed in the noticeboards around the town. However, to try and let as many know about the vacancies as possible we are posting the notices on here and hope that residents may find this helpful. If you are interested in standing please see the posted notices which will explain how to proceed and the closing date.”



So, vacancies in South and East wards and a deadline date of 31st January for Maltby residents to ask for an election.

Have asked MTC for a plan of the wards so that we know which ward we actually live in and will post asap.

We really don’t want a co option, do we ?

Cynical as ever, mb is wondering if certain members of MTC would prefer to keep this as quiet as possible in order to co opt J Mallinder and  AN Other of the Labour Party persuasion – or persuaded by the Labour Party.

Suggest an election is needed.

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* Condolences to the family and friends of Keith Duckmanton who died recently.

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