Update on Maltby Wards – Which streets are in which ward ?

Thanks to the clerk Ann Stewart for phone call just now on Wards plan/info.

Apparently there is no updated ward plan since Maltbyblogger’s post regarding same in 2011.

RMBC Electoral Services do not have the information and MTC have requested the details from Land Terriers.

The Clerk pointed out  that anyone wishing to stand as councillor does not need to live in the Ward where the vacancy is.

We are aware of that  – past elections have shown that to be the case.

What the public is less aware of is that the 10 people who are needed to ask for an election (as opposed to a co option) must live in the Ward. 

20 people needed this year then. 10 from South Ward, roughly Blyth Rd and the streets off it, up to Hooton Levitt and down to Cliff Hills area.

10 from East Ward – White City, China Town, Model Village.

If you are uncertain as to where the boundaries lie, then please ask for an election, before the 31st January anyway. The authorities don’t seem too bothered about the electorate knowing these things, so they will have to root out and discard any requests from people not living in a ward with a vacancy.


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