Nothing Changes where Kevin Barron is Concerned

I have been trawling another one of my blogs in search of info from 4 or 5 years back and thought readers of this blog might be interested / amused /shocked or all 3 to read a post from August 2009. A (another ) letter to Kevin Barron :

Dear Kevin Barron, MP – again…..

Dear Mr Barron and anyone concerned with democracy….
I have forwarded to you an open letter sent by Mr Don Buxton (with his permission) in response to the appalling attitude of one of your “colleagues” Mr Iain St John. Perhaps you may have seen this letter, of Mr St John’s but it is unlikely as you do not use email, despite your super, up to the minute equipment. 
However, let’s not go over old ground again. 
The reason for this mail is to bring to your attention the utter contempt that many of those connected to RMBC show to their constituents. I am sure that you already know this but a small reminder never goes amiss, I believe. 
Perhaps, like Mr St John, you may also wonder why you have been sent this “nonsense” as he describes it. Well, just to reiterate that if any cllr/or MP classes the views of the public whom they represent as nonsense, just because their views differ from the “elite” then we are in a very sorry position. From past experience and correspondence with you, I imagine that you will ignore this mail and class the contents as having nothing to do with you. If you do, then fair enough – it proves the points made in the letter that confirm that the growing network of the deeply concerned electorate are well founded. 

Mr Buxton’s letter describes the reservations and doubts that he has about the “integrity of the Elected Members and Officers of RMBC and the way that they try to spin, weave, deceive and ignore and isolate Rotherham communities.”
He thanks his MP, John Healey and other MPs in our national Government for at least providing the tools to check, challenge, scrutinise and hold to account these “fools” that try to govern us. Through FOI efforts the citizens of Rotherham are now much wiser as to the cost of various seemingly unnecessary and expensive “ventures” at the tax payers expense. That Mr St John has the audacity to attempt to patronise the people who expose these situations and label some of them as “the jack boot mob” is little short of an absolute insult.

It would be pointless of me to expect any sort of response from you on the reasoning behind your colleagues attitude, I am sure.

I would like to be able to sign a letter to my MP as Mr Buxton has done (“I remain, Sir, your loyal constituent”) However, I am unable to do so. 

I remain, therefore, just another one of your constituents. 

Yours sincerely,

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