Director of Safeguarding, Children and Families – Who Can Do This Job Effectively ?

Posted:10 January 2014
Location: Rotherham
Level:Senior Executive
Contract: Permanent
Hours: Full Time

“Director of Safeguarding, Children and Families

Let’s face it, we’ve come up against some strong opposition in recent times. We’ve also learnt some lessons and have responded by making a range of effective changes. We have made significant improvements resulting in successes such as achieving a ‘good’ in a recent fostering inspection and reducing the number of children in care, all this despite the pressures we were and continue to face.

At the core of our success is our Leadership Team. Our senior officers and members truly have the interests of the people of Rotherham at heart.

You must hold a Social Work qualification and appropriate levels of experience to apply for this post.

For more information and details of how to apply, please go to

From The




Welcome from Joyce Thacker
Strategic Director, Children and Young Peoples Services

Thank you for considering coming to work for us in Rotherham. 

Rotherham is a wonderful place. It has its challenges like any community but people here are straight- talking, hard working and care about our children and young people. We have strong partnerships with the voluntary sector, police, health and headteachers amongst others so you need to be committed to working in partnership – but that doesn’t mean being afraid to challenge practice that isn’t child or young person centred.  Our Cabinet Member for Children, Young People and Families is passionate and highly effective and rightly expects the same passion and commitment from his officers.  He also chairs the regional Lead Member network. Our Chief Executive is the regional lead for Children and Young People’s Services. What all this tells you is that we care about children and young people and are committed to working with a range of local, regional and national agencies to share our good practice and to learn from others.

Our current priorities – like those of many other places – are ensuring all our children have the best start in life, have access to a good education, that children are safe and that we tackle the deep-rooted poverty that affects many of our neighbourhoods, in turn impacting on the life chances of our most vulnerable children, young people and their families.  All public sector services are challenged by reducing resources and the continued need for good quality services. Early intervention is absolutely key to ensuring children and young people get effective and timely interventions when first signs emerge. We carry out lots of effective work on early help and assessment to prevent children coming into the care system.

We have an effective Early Help Panel for stuck cases and a Multi Agency Safeguarding Panel (MASP) which acts as our legal gateway for care proceedings. We’ve done innovative work with legal services; have a really effective commissioning /placement strategy; carry out advocacy work with children in the care system, and have an effective Looked After Children Council (they would want to meet with you at interview). In addition, we have an established multi agency CSE team, a well-developed workforce development strategy, low vacancy rates and staff turnover – and lots more if you are interested.

We are currently exploring our Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) options and are ambitious about what we would like to achieve.  There is always more we can do – and if you are the right person, we would like you to be part of our service improvement journey.

If after having read the supporting papers and job description you would like a conversation with me, please contact my PA, Janet Cotterill on 01709 822506 to arrange this.

As the advert says if you are ambitious, resilient and passionate about truly getting it right for children then we would be interested in you. 

I look forward to hearing from you.

Joyce Thacker,

Strategic Director


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2 Responses to Director of Safeguarding, Children and Families – Who Can Do This Job Effectively ?

  1. Perhaps the qualities of being “ambitious, resilient and passionate” would be better asked for in a different order – ie with “passionate” coming first and “ambitious” coming last. Rather than “resilient”, wouldn’t it be nice to see “caring ” ?

    • Warren Vale says:

      Yes it would…. if we didn’t live in Joyce’s common purpose world. Sadly for us, and not for her cohort of CP graduates, we don’t.

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