Rotherham Children’s Centres – The Advertiser’s Version

It seems the Advertiser has it’s own story on the Children’s Centres situation with a headline of “Save Children’s Centres Appeal ” in yesterday’s paper. 

Despite Cllr Paul Lakin visiting a school on Thursday morning before returning my phone call about the situation, on which he said there was no information as yet, the Advertiser reports that “An appeal has been made to schools and other groups who could step in to save the 13 children’s centres threatened with the axe”  and “One expression of interest in taking over a centre had already been made to the council by Wednesday morning”.

So, the public have not yet been told which these 13 centres are, yet an an expression of interest in taking one over was in by Wednesday morning, before the Cabinet Meeting had agreed on the plans ?  Or was it just the consultation that they had to agree about ?

A picture of Ferham Centre is show in the paper, but does not say whether this is one of the 13 or not. 

Could it be that Cllr Paul Lakin and his team are trying to sort out the situation before the public has a say in a 45 day consultation which is reported to have started but hasn’t quite, yet ?

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