“Flipping accusation false – MP ” Kevin Barron in Advertiser

 Never one to miss an opportunity to talk about the accolades and congratulations that have been bestowed on him – but rarely,if ever, known to answer an email, our Kev has a letter in the Advertiser this week.

“The practice of ‘flipping houses’ which Mr Black falsely accused me of , involved some MPs moving the designation of a principal residence between a constituency home and London accommodation in relation to their second home allowance. I never did this; my principal residence is and always has been in the Rother Valley. I have never used the second home allowance outside of London. 

The anonymous letter alleged that I have not helped miners. I would like to point out that over recent years I have helped former miners recover money unfairly deducted from their compensation by solicitors and also assisted them in making industrial injury claims for osteoarthritis.

Only last November I received letters from NUM and NACODS congratulating me (and other MPs) on speaking up for their members in the Westminster Hall debate on the concessionary fuel allowance which had been withdrawn when UK Coal went into administration and has now been reinstated by the Government.”

So there we are then. Our MP has never used the second income allowance out of London. He just used the allowance to rent accommodation from a “colleague” before he saw the error of his ways. 

And he has “over recent years” helped some former miners recover some money and spoken up for a couple of union’s members in a debate.

Well done, Kevin. Your service to your constituents is clearly beyond reproach. 

Pity that this is only in your own mind and in the minds of your ever faithful Labour Party cronies.

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2 Responses to “Flipping accusation false – MP ” Kevin Barron in Advertiser

  1. rothervalleystrictlynotpolitics says:

    I went down to his office and was told that he only has a flat in Rothervalley, which would suggest his main residence is else where. Thankfully I am moving out of Rothervalley into Derbyshire, the trouble is my new MP the beast of Bolsover will most likely retire which is a shame.

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