Maltbyblogger Stats Hit All Time High After Mention of the Word “Benefits”

Perhaps it was the word “Benefits” that had folks interested or maybe the term “Benefits Street”, but with 1,959 visitors yesterday and already 1,600 today, something has hit a spot with many people.

It would be good to think that it is the officials and elected members at Maltby Town Council and Rotherham Borough Council that are interested and maybe even concerned, that an estate in Maltby, or even Maltby itself almost became the Benefit Street as shown on the Channel 4  documentary programme. The programme has had over 5 million viewers for the last two episodes and commercial break advertising during it is well sought after. 

For anywhere in Maltby to have been considered for highlighting all the problems and attitudes that are shown on this is, in my opinion, demoralising and demeaning to us all.

When are our councils going to open their eyes to the desperate situation that many are in and, more importantly, do something about it ?

Lining their own pockets was never the reason for their election and one would hope, not their reason for standing.

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