Kevin Barron asks about Benefit Cuts and the Conservatives

Our MP questions  the Deputy PM regarding Benefit cuts. and the Conservative Party.

The Deputy PM blames the Labour Party’s past.

“Kevin Barron (Rother Valley, Labour)

In response to the Chancellor’s statement yesterday about further welfare benefit cuts in years to come, the Deputy Prime Minister said that those would be cuts for cuts’ sake and would be Conservative cuts. Can he explain to people who live on welfare benefits why he keeps the Conservatives in office ?

Nick Clegg,  (Dep Prime Minister)
“There is an important debate emerging. We have to finish the job of fiscal consolidation, and there are at least two parties in the House which understand that—the two coalition parties. We understand that we have to fill the black hole in the public finances left by the Labour party, and that will require several further years of difficult choices. Then there is a debate about how we get to that objective and clearly there are differences there. In my party we feel that we should ask those with the broadest shoulders to continue to make an effort in the ongoing fiscal consolidation: my coalition partners do not. That is a legitimate debate, but what divides this side of the House from the other side is that at least we recognise that we have to clear up the mess left behind by the Labour Government.
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1 Response to Kevin Barron asks about Benefit Cuts and the Conservatives

  1. Shame Sir Barron can’t grow a pair and sort out RMBC who delight in dumping on his constituents from a great height on a regular basis. You don’t have to travel all the way to Westminster to find people who are screwing working people Kev!

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