Maltby Sure Start Children’s Centre – proposed to remain open

Childrens Centre consultation

From: 03-02-2014. To: 30-04-2014.

Why are we consulting?

The Council has shown great resilience in trying to protect Rotherham’s 22 childrens centres. Since they were created, the council has experienced very significant budget pressures due to Government cuts and this will have a significant impact on all of the services provided by the Council, including its childrens centres.

The revenue budget for Early Years and Child Care Services, including childrens centres was £5.053m in 2013-14. For 2014-2016 this has to be significantly reduced to £2.2m.

However, we are still committed to providing sufficient provision of childrens centres, to meet the needs of parents, prospective parents and young children in the area and there would be no centres close before 1st April 2015.

The proposed changes to Sure Start Childrens Centres set out how resources can be more focused on direct services for children under five and their families. They will deliver the required savings whilst ensuring wide coverage across the borough and continued access to a nearby centre for those children and families in greatest need. We believe that by re-focusing our resources, working closely with health, social care, schools, private and voluntary sectors, including volunteers and delivering services where they are most needed, we will maximise what our childrens centres and early years services can achieve.

What are the proposed changes to Sure Start Childrens Centres?

Substantial consideration had been given to the best way forward to achieve this revenue reduction whilst still providing sufficient provision.

The proposal is to:  

  • Close thirteen registered childrens centre buildings with a reduction to nine buildings across the borough
  • These nine buildings would then be clustered to form seven registered childrens centres across the borough resulting in an increased size of reach areas
  • These seven centres will deliver outreach services to other local communities
  • A Foundation Years’ Service will be created across health, social care and education to provide a joint approach to targeting those families in greatest need whilst ensuring access to universal services for all families

This is how it will impact on each of the Childrens Centres:

Proposed Childrens Centre buildings to remain open

 Name Address   Daycare  provided on site
Arnold Childrens Centre  Goldsmith Road
S65 2LY 
Aughton Early Years Centre  Main Street
S26 3XH 
Coleridge Childrens Centre   Coleridge Primary School
Coleridge Road
S65 1LW 
Maltby Stepping Stones  Tickhill Road
S66 7NQ
Rawmarsh Childrens Centre  Barbers Crescent
S62 6AD 
Rotherham Central 

Ferham Primary School
The Ferham Centre
S61 1AP

Swinton Brookfield Childrens Centre 

Swinton Brookfield Primary School
Lime Grove
S64 8TQ

Thrybergh Dalton Childrens Centre  Thrybergh Rainbow Centre
Thrybergh Primary School
Oldgate Lane
S65 4JG 
Valley Childrens Centre 

Broom Valley Community School
Moorgate Grove
S60 2TR


Proposed Childrens Centre buildings to close/alternative usage options

 Name Address   Daycare  provided on site
Cortonwood Childrens Centre  

Brampton Cortonwood Infants
Chapel Avenue
Brampton Bierlow
S73 0XH

Dinnington Childrens Centre  Dinnington Community Primary School
School Street
S25 2RE 
Kimberworth Childrens Centre 

Kimberworth Community Primary School
Kimberworth Road
S61 1HE

Marcliff Childrens Centre  Listerdale Junior and Infant School
Beech Avenue
S65 3HN 
Meadows Childrens Centre  Catcliffe Primary School
Rotherham Road
S60 5SW 
Park View Childrens Centre 

Redscope Primary School
Kimberworth Park Road
Kimberworth Park
S61 3JT

Rockingham Childrens Centre   Rockingham Junior and Infant School
Roughwood Road
Wingfield Estate
S61 4HY 
Ryton Brook Childrens Centre  Anston Brook Primary School
Ryton Road
S25 4DN 
Silver Birch Childrens Centre  Flanderwell Primary School
Greenfield Court
S66 2JF 
Sue Walker Childrens Centre  Kiveton Park Meadows Junior
Storth Lane
Kiveton Park
S26 5QT 
Thorpe Hesley Childrens Centre Thorpe Hesley Infant School
Upper Wortley Road
Thorpe Hesley
S61 2PL 
Thurcroft Childrens Centre Thurcroft Infant School
Locksley Drive
S66 9NT 
Wath Victoria Childrens Centre Wath Victoria Primary School
Sandymount Road
Wath upon Dearne
S63 7AD 

What difference will these changes make?

It is anticipated that by implementing these proposed changes we will:

  • Continue to offer sufficient provision via children’s centres to meet the needs of children and families in the Rotherham area
  • Ensure we continue to give support to those children and families who are in greatest need
  • Deliver savings of £2.2 million by April 2015
  • Continue to work with partner agencies and organisations to access a range of services for families with children under five
  • Continue to improve co-ordination and access to a range of services for families with children under five
  • Create an Early Years Foundation service across health, social care and education

Who are we consulting?

We are seeking to gather opinions and views from parents, carers, centre users and staff and partner organisations.

We are also interested in seeking options/ideas from schools, community organisations, private, voluntary and independent childcare providers, and the public as to the future use of children centre buildings and services that may/could be delivered if buildings are faced with closure.

Public consultation events

You are welcome to attend any event if you are unable to attend the event which covers your Childrens Centres area.

All events are 6pm – 7pm.


Date/time Childrens Centres Location
Thursday 6th February  Central, Kimberworth, Park View, Rockingham and Thorpe Hesley 

Rockingham Professional Development Ctr, Roughwood Road, Rotherham, S61 4HY

Monday 17th February  Coleridge  Clifton Comp.
Middle Lane
S65 2SN 
Wednesday 12th March Rawmarsh, Thrybergh/Dalton, Silver Birch and Marcliff  Rawmarsh Comp.
Monkwood Road
S62 7GA
Thursday 20th March Brookfield, Wath Victoria and Cortonwood  Wath Comp.
Wath Upon Dearne Rotherham
S63 7NW
Thursday 27th March  Valley and Arnold  Clifton Comp.
Middle Lane
S65 2SN
Thursday 3rd April  Aughton Early Years, Meadows, Sue Walker, Ryton Brook and Thurcroft  Wales High School
Storth Lane
Kiveton Park
S26 5QQ
Wednesday 9th April  Maltby and Dinnington

Maltby Crags Community School 
Strauss Crescent
Maltby, Rotherham S66 7QJ


How can I get involved in the consultation?

More information

More information can be found in our Frequently Asked Questions.

What happens next?

The feedback from this consultation and the revised recommendations will be considered by Cabinet where the final decisions will be made. The Cabinet report will be made publicly available on the Council website. This will also be communicated to providers and families through a variety of methods.

Contact us


Telephone: 01709 382121

Send your feedback or find key contact details.

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