Child Sex Exploitation ‘Crackdown’ in South Yorkshire – Stone & Wright speak

Who wrote these speeches for our Police and Crime Commissioner and Leader of RMBC to deliver like  automatons ?

Never mind the Child Sex Exploitation which happened under both of their watches in Rotherham, now we are expected to listen and act on what they say.

“We could have done better” says Roger Stone. Yes you could and because of that, neither you nor Shaun Wright should be in the positions that you hold to this day.  Others of your “staff” who let down the children of Rotherham so badly should not be in position either – Joyce Thacker, Paul Lakin, Jahangir Akhtar to name but three.

We will look out for our children here in Maltby, Rotherham and South Yorkshire and continue to expect appropriate responses from the authorities, which have been lacking in the past – and in some cases, currently.  It would be good to be able to follow our ‘Leaders’ in confidence in what they do as well as what they say. Is that going to happen from now on ?

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