MP’s Newsletter – Not Kevin Barron, but Sarah Champion

How is it that I have this newsletter emailed to me regularly, from the office of Sarah Champion MP for Rotherham, yet my own Rother Valley MP – Kevin Barron – won’t respond to any emails I send him or sign me up to his newsletter ? I am left having to scrutinise the internet and generally Worksop newspapers to find out anything that he gets up to. Has he got something to hide ?  Would have thought with his new “honours” title that he’d be keen to keep us all informed of his daily duties in his role as our MP, but seems not.

I have written to Sarah Champion  to ask her if she will pass this message on to our Kevin next time she sees him at one of their Labour do’s or wherever. Perhaps she is actually in contact with him via email ? Look forward to what results from this.



Working hard for you

Hello and welcome to the first newsletter of 2014.

I am looking forward to the opportunity to continue serving you at a constituency level, plus speaking on your behalf in Parliament about issues affecting our town.

For those of you that haven’t received this email before, you are receiving it as you have contacted me recently. If you do not wish to continue receiving it please hit ‘unsubscribe’ at the end of the newsletter. 

If you have any comments on the newsletter, please email me as feedback is always welcome.  

Kindest regards,


Cost of Cameron Day

It was great to get out and about and meet some of you when I took to the streets recently for our ‘Cost of Cameron Day’.  

I was pleased to be joined by local government candidate Stuart Sansome and Councillors Jahangir Akhtar and Kath Sims on a market stall in the centre of town as we encouraged members of the public to sign a petition calling on the government to freeze energy prices.

We chatted to local residents to gauge how they how they felt their living standards were. Feedback received was that they’ve been hit hard by rising fuel and energy prices, higher rents, childcare costs and wage freezes. One woman told us about her mother who is being forced to pay bedroom tax, but with gas bills going through the roof, she is having to choose between eating and heating.

It’s important that I hear from constituents that are struggling with the cost of living so that I can best represent Rotherham in Parliament by trying to challenge the biggest obstacles.


Privatising Probation

I used the Commons debate on the Offender Rehabilitation Bill this month as an opportunity to speak out against the Government proposal which would see 70 per cent of probation work outsourced to private companies. 

Probation is currently overseen by Probation Trusts who employ trained experts in offender rehabilitation, however, under radical Government plans, all but the highest risk offenders would be outsourced to private companies through a ‘performance by results’ scheme. This will be a real blow to the jobs of local probation officers, the long-term rehabilitation of offenders and ultimately, public safety.   

To read the full press release, click here:

Defence Academy

I was privileged to visit the Defence Academy at Shrivenham to increase my understanding of what Defence delivers on behalf of the UK.

It is so important for MPs to understand our forces and the pressures politics imposes upon them. It was an enlightening introduction and I’m proud to be part of the Armed Forces Parliamentary Scheme, which will continue throughout the year.



Child Sexual Exploitation

My work continues on the CSE inquiry and I’ve now chaired five sessions with a range of people giving evidence from young people to judges. 
The overarching findings seem to be that the law is fit for purpose, but understanding and implementation of it is patchy.  Our recommendations will tackle this as we must do all that we can to prevent this vile crime from occurring, and when it does, we need to get prosecutions.
The report is due out at Easter and I will then start campaigning to have the necessary changes implemented.


Rotherham Students

I’m concerned about some young people lacking an interest in politics and so was thrilled to be able to visit three academic institutions this month; Thomas Rotherham College, Brinsworth Comprehensive and Wingfield Academy.

It was great to chat to the students and to inform them how Parliament works and how young people can engage with politics to defend the causes they care about. As a result of this, I am planning a programme of youth engagement in Rotherham.

I fully support the votes for 16 year-olds and neutral political education in schools to encourage young people to be a more active part of their society.

I am pictured above with students from Thomas Rotherham College.

How Can I Help? 

Surgeries are held regularly at Rotherham Town Hall
and operate on an appointment only basis.

Please call the office on 01709 331036 to arrange an appointment or talk through your concerns.
Surgeries are held on:

  • Second Friday of each month 3pm -4pm
  • Third Thursday of each month 6pm- 7pm
  • Various Saturday surgeries (check website for details)

Other surgeries are held throughout the constituency, details of which will be published on the website.

Everyone is treated with the same respect, confidentiality and urgency. 

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2 Responses to MP’s Newsletter – Not Kevin Barron, but Sarah Champion

  1. Tim says:

    I would be interested to know if Maltby people seriously believe this guy does a good job, because across in Anston and Dinnington I don’t believe this is the case, we have lost everything under Kevin Barron and RMBC. I think it is a time to give UKIP a chance at the next Rothervalley election and for us all to pull out of the borough and back into the rural districts.

    • Thanks for the comment Tim.
      To really find out if Maltby people believe that Barron does a good job, I suppose we would have to do a poll of all residents eligible to vote to get the real picture. However, in the absence of this, I shall stick my neck out so to speak and say that I believe the proportion in Maltby is very similar to that of Anston and Dinnington. We in Maltby of course have Cllr Amy Rushforth on Maltby Town Council and as an RMBC representative for Maltby. Because of this there are those who will have no wrong said against our MP or our councillor, but in reality these are found to be family, friends or Labour Party members. Nuff said !

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