Safer Internet and Shaun Wright’s Support

Missed this one which happened on Tuesday 11th.

Good to see our Police and Crime Commissioner is supporting anything to do with the safety of children, in any respect.

When it is agreed that the whole PCC scenario across the country is and has been a complete waste of time and money and demeaning of the Police themselves, our Shaun will be out of a job. Suppose he could always look to Children’s Services around South Yorkshire, where he has such “experience”.   

From the Advertiser :

“SOUTH Yorkshire police and crime commissioner Shaun Wright pledged his support to the Safer Internet Day.
The EU-wide initiative was held on Tuesday (11) and has been set up by The Safer Internet Centre to promote the safe and responsible use of online technology and mobile phones for children and young people.
Commissioner Wright said: “With so many young people engaging on social media platforms it is even more important for parents to monitor what content their children are seeing and who they are becoming friends with.

“As a parent myself, I fully understand the importance of educating young people to the dangers they face from perpetrators set on grooming children over the internet. 
“One of South Yorkshire’s priorities is to stamp out crime involving young and vulnerable people and I will do everything possible to promote and support Safer Internet Day and websites such as the NWG Network and Cyber Streetwise who work hard to educate people and industries on Know the Signs. 
“The Safer Internet Centre is promoting ways in which schools, parents and carers can educate and advise young people of the dangers of engaging with others on the internet, what information they should be sharing and how to understand the signs of cyber-bullying and what to do.”
For more information visit

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