Rotherham CSE Team Under the “Leadership” of Roger Stone – God help us

The CSE Team will move out of  Maltby police station to Riverside, Rotherham by September.

Safeguarding Children’s Board chairman Steve Ashley has been among those appealing for a more central location. Rotherham Council’s Children’s Services Director, Joyce Thacker said, “We will have a safeguarding hub that will bring together all activities in CSE, public protection and domestic abuse. “We’re hoping to launch that in September.

Mr Ashley has also urged that the team have one designated “leader” rather than the current split in responsibilities between the council and South Yorkshire Police. “If we had that the team would feel that they had one person  fighting their battles. It doesn’t have to be a police or social services expert, just someone who has the right leadership qualities.”

Ha ! So who might that be then ? Well it could be our “Leader” of Rotherham Borough Council, Roger Stone, himself of course ! Why a would we need someone who is an expert on anything other than dodging issues and hiding from reporters ?

“We have been through this process before with our council”, he says, “Things end up going back and forth between two people like a tennis ball. So you will get our 100% support on this, preferably with us running it not the police.”

Well God forbid  that the police be in charge of this “hub”. We don’twant them making decisions on anything to do with law breaking, now do we ? Rotherham needs ONE leader, for ALL things, and what better person than the Commandant we already have ?

The corruption and deception in Rotherham Council is almost beyond belief, yet we continue to have this unelected, undemocratic, unscrupulous, biased Labour Party member in office, with his minions doing his bidding at every turn.

Excuse me while I weep.

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9 Responses to Rotherham CSE Team Under the “Leadership” of Roger Stone – God help us

  1. john furniss says:

    Joyce Thacker is a most disgusting person in my case she paid a worker £7500 to give evidence against me at Bradford Met Council over a ‘physical contact with a young person of a sexual nature’ whatever the fuck that means and it was designed by herself to be not provable and not unprovable she called it the perfect management tool

    she fit me up and paid for it in order to make political gain ie racist labour party shenanigans in order to pretend not to be racist mixed up with covering up for her boss mates friend who I had reported to her(by email letter and to herself) for grooming a 15 yr old!!!!!!!!. she was taking action to cover her bosses friend and to destroy me a bit jimmy saville if you ask me

    on a personal level I would happily have it out with a lying corrupt scumbag like this over a game of chess as that would be a fair fight Mrs Thacker does not play fair she always wins as she told me with contempt and that arrogance of her connectedness which is her forte

    politics gone mad with these idiots in control of their own cover ups and abuses and Joyce does abuse all the way along again and again and again

  2. Thanks for your comments, John. All decent readers here will again be appalled at the arrogance and, as you say, contempt from this woman and her employers who keep these matters under wrap. Only by people such as yourself speaking out can we get the great change that is needed and is long overdue in Rotherham Borough Council.

  3. john furniss says:

    I look at the nightmare that Bradford has become, see something similar in Rotherham, and observe that the managers of this decline and quite odd and unsound decisions are one and the same with an utter contempt for the residents and an eye on their own bank accounts. Joyce really hurt me, in order to defend her warped political chameleon position and the badass bosses with their nasty secrets, I realise now that it was a paid for set up, these are the tactics used by essentially corrupt individuals ie big intimidation and lies, under Joyce’s watch Bradford was spending 15% of the whole budget on legal fees, they threatened me with £1/2 million spend on their legal fees on the initial ‘discussion,’ whilst laughing!! I’m pretty sure that Rotherham is spending vast amounts on London city lawyers at this point in some reputational salvage exercise just who is scratching whose back here? who gains from this crazy way running a city like this?

    Such thriving cities that were full of positive life are now shells of that they could easily be not that with just a little more focus on what they are elected and paid to do, symptoms of a selfish attitude to the world, really sad that big ego’s get in the way of even a reasonable debate on anything, Joyce is defensive and attacking over her personal area, not over her job remit or the kids she is supposedly there to defend…and that is her focus…. waiting for that million quid payoff for all that dodgey dealing that will soon for her be under the bridge and a bad memory on her version of the greasy pole of local authority life.

    what a waste of money, Bradford meets Rotherham seems to be made in hell.

    • Thanks again John for your information and experiences on these issues. Where there is life there is hope, it;s said and every action. Some might call it Karma or retribution. We can only aim to keep these matters in the public eye until justice is done and seen to be done. One day surely it will happen.

  4. D.Chambers says:

    Stone and Wright, leading figures on the council during the heyday of child abuse, now in the very best positions to ensure current investigations dont lead to any embarrassment for the labour party or RMBC

  5. john furniss says:

    after all this hell, facts; a 15 yr old Joe, was killed I’m sure ,by accident by the groomer, Colin Marshall, with heroin, as heroin does with children, he was under a care order and was fostered at Bradford social services at the time, joyce created a problem for me at this point her boss was implicated and her friend too, normal day’s work to them, rather than pass on info to prosecuting authorities, ie murder, she decided to with-hold that and inform me that ‘we are the police,’ ‘if you goto the police you will have a fucking problem,’ ‘we control this city,’ her sidekick Anne Revell now dep director education stoke on trent told me that ‘joyce will make stuff up and destroy you, ie you are a heroin dealer and a known homo, the pakis will destroy you we will tell them where you live (one is a now dead 9/7 bomber from waverly ave Bradford who I had known since he was little, they backed off from me cos I know where his parents live this was an attack situation where he had a team that was about to do me in, he recognised that we knew each other and they backed off, it was not the first attack like this, situations like this made joyce ‘really angry,’) the only word for joyce is ‘she is the terrorist,’ fuck you joyce again and again fuck you again and again, do not take any offense by those of different religions as we are the same my not the dickheads who proclaim to be just like slimeball thacker Christo bollocks stuff, murder is murder and joyce is a key witness for prosecution in this fucked up case, thanks joyce you ..nasty manager which is what she is, all she said was like the hairdressers chat about holidays and how hers was better than yours, a dead child at the end, now 1400 + of our kids not fighted for from the centre of Rotherham and Bradford this hell and a long hell that has had no justice or decency put upon it, we make the future! this is my honest interpretation angle of dealing with beyond human idiots like joyce my name is John Furniss my love to Karen who you bastards killedxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  7. Reblogged this on maltbyblogger and commented:

    John Furniss – since your comment here on 5th September, it seems there are a number of people who are reblogging this post and looking for further information on those you have named. Link here in case you have not already seen it

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