Why is selective licensing needed in Maltby ?

We may well ask why selective licensing is needed in Maltby, or anywhere else for that matter.

Here is the information from RMBC’s web page which purports to explain. (No, I can’t see a map either)

It might also be helpful if we were provided with the boundary details of each of the areas spoken of as Maltby North, South, East and West.  Maltby Town Council have no plan to provide the public with on this. In fact a couple of weeks ago I was told by MTC clerk that the latest information that they had on this is what has been previously been published on this blog… yes, you couldn’t make it up and make it seem more stupid. 


Statistics from RMBC Licensing Consultation web page


Why is Selective Licensing needed in this area?

The area in red on the map is suffering from low housing demand, which means that people are not choosing to live here. The tables below show how each area compares with the rest of the borough. The individual areas described here and in the tables are known as Super Output Areas (SOA’s), which are small areas with approximately 500 houses within them.

There are high levels of empty properties and high levels of anti-social behaviour (ASB) in this area. There
are also high rates of people changing their homes (known as Occupier Turnover) in the Maltby East –
Maltby Main area.

House prices are significantly lower here than the average for the borough and the neighbouring areas of Maltby (£75,000 – £109,000). There are higher than average private rented housing disrepair complaints. There are higher than average levels of all types of rented housing.

The general crime picture for Maltby South East is positive, however there has been a sharp increase in all

types of crime in the Maltby East – Town Centre area. There have also been increases in criminal damage
and violence elsewhere in Maltby South East. Although occupier turnover rates in the Muglet Lane and Town Centre areas are lower than the borough average, the high turnover problem in the rented sector could.

Area Empty property %* ASB/1000 pop Occupier turnover % All rented housing Private rented housing
Borough average  3.8  10.8  10.02  33.39  11.5
Maltby East – Maltby Main  5.9 (67)  25.1  15.6  69.7  16.6
Maltby East – Muglet Lane  6.5 (63)  83.5  10.0  50.9  32.1
Maltby East – Town Centre  4.9 (51)  37.1  8.4  45.1  32.1

 *Long term empty – 6+ months

Area Average lowest quarter house sales 2012 2010-11 2011-12 2012-13 Crime rate change %
    Housing disrepair incidents/1000 pop  
Borough average  £84,000  2.8  2.7  3.2  
Maltby East – Maltby Main  £69,500  4.1  7.6  4.1  -13.1
Maltby East – Muglet Lane  £46,000  14.6  16.3  25.8  -13.1
Maltby East – Town Centre  £62,000  2.0  3.3  11.9  11.0

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