More on Selective Licensing proposals and consultation – meeting on Mon 24th February

A meeting will take place at the Holiday Inn in Rotherham, on Monday 24th February at 6.30 pm regarding the “Selective Licensing” proposals for 5 areas of Rotherham – central Rotherham, Eastwood, Masbrough, Dinnington and parts of Maltby.

RMBC had cancelled public drop in sessions after accusing some of causing disruption but have now agreed to  send a speaker to this meeting on the new licensing scheme.

The meeting is jointly organised by Rotherham Landlords Association and National Landlords Assocition and will now be addressed by Matthew Finn, Community Protection Unit Manager at RMBC.

The NLA believes that selective licensing will not solve the problem of poor housing standards and are concerned that the legislation will only license the law abiding landlords while criminal landlords will go further “underground”

RDLA Chairman Maurice Healy  says that RMBC has changed it’s mind, though the planned distribution of 800 leaflets advertising the meeting have not gone ahead. The RDLA have been discussing a voluntary accreditation scheme for ten years but has been abandoned by the council.

Carl Agar NLA local representative in Rotherham , and Mr Healy will host a question and answer session at the meeting. The consultation period finishes on 24th March.

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