Decisions, Decisions : Is Maltby Town Council Capable of Making a Good One ?

In December 2013, Maltby Town Council objected to to the Doncaster Council plans for a 79 metres high wind turbine at Fordoles Farm, Micklebring.

A month later they changed their minds and decided that it was a good idea.The public weren’t so keen however, especially as there had been no consultation with them about the plans. 

Our ever loyal to the community (Labour Party) Concillor Amy Rushforth has now “led the calls for fresh protest on the basis that the council needed to support the residents”  – Advertiser’s words in italics.

Well, “Quelle surprise”  to quote a Rotherham ex Labour Party criminal, recently.

How many years has Amy Rushforth ‘served’ on Maltby Town Council ? Has she only just realised that she, and the rest of them, is there to represent the public in all matters ? What made her change her mind about a public consultation and have a new stance on this now that the official consultation closed on January 31st ?

Doncaster Council say that people can still make representations up to the point of the application being considered, 

Hmm… ok. 

Apparently 10 councillors supported the motion with one against and two abstaintions. Not too difficult to work out who did what there, then.

 What a farce.  

Year after year, time after time, when it comes to MTC  making a decision, that decision is made by the chosen few, prior to the meeting being openly held. Wake up people of Maltby, before this next election if possible, and realise what a fine example of hypocrisy  and our town council is. 


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4 Responses to Decisions, Decisions : Is Maltby Town Council Capable of Making a Good One ?

  1. Word around is that a member of the Barron family lives very close to the site of the proposed wind turbine. Make your own conclusions from that .

    • Simon Walton says:

      I live on Braeburn Close… the actual fact is that there hasnt been any communication and or consultation regarding the turbine, which would be 500M from the properties. The fact that the planning application map is incorrect and doesnt highlight our houses, The fact that Doncaster Council or Rotherham Council failed to consult the residents that it would directly affect. The constant turbine whine and the vortex shedding sound that is consistent with these installations and the fact that the DTI recommend they are positioned 1.6kM from residential areas are the main source of our anger.

  2. Thankyou Simon,, for your comments.
    Presumably you and your neighbours have complained to the relevant departments ? No doubt as usually happens it makes little difference and the councils do whatever they please.
    Will support you in anyway via this blog etc if you keep us informed on here of what is / is not happening.,-1.2289981,368m/data=!3m1!1e3

    • Simon Walton says:

      Yes – we have registered a petition with over 140 names on opposing the planning application, there are also numerous e mails on Doncaster’s Planning Portal again opposing the application. It was both my wife and i that contacted Kevin Barron in the first instance in an attempt to get our concerns heard, Kevin Barron duly obliged by raising these with both Rotherham and Doncaster councils on official House of Commons letterhead (we used this approach to get an actual response from both councils). We also attended the RMBC workshop meeting to voice our concerns to our local councillors, who have since opposed the application..

      The planning application is currently pending consideration – we have slight comfort in that National Air Traffic Control have objected outright and Robin Hood Airport have tendered an “holding objection”.

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