Maltby Active Tots – Update on what’s NOT going ahead

Despite the knockbacks, now quite common, Maltby Active Tots continue their struggle for the benefit of Maltby’s children.

Shame that Maltby Town Council and Rotherham Borough Council don’t share the same vision and planning ideas.

Our RMBC representative, Cabinet Member for Culture and Tourism seems to have been absent from the MTC meeting where the vote was taken.

From Maltby Active Tots :

“Sorry we haven’t posted anything for a while. 

Just to let all the people know that want the play area for our children, we haven’t given up yet. From the council minutes I thought it only fair to share with you the councillors that voted against a play area for our children. 

Against: Cllrs C Stringer, K Stringer, J Andrews, J Carrat, M Richardson, P Scholey.

For: Cllrs Beaumont, S Maxwell

Abstaining: Cllrs J Kirk, J Bradford

We are appalled that the council committed to working with the group in the new town plan and didn’t even have the professionalism to hold a meeting with the group to discuss their concerns and inform of their decision. 

I urge you to keep writing to the council and letting them know how let down our children are. 

We will be holding a group meeting in the near future. Please comment if you would like to attend and feel that our children deserve the same facilities available in other communities. Forward thinking. “

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