“Response” Regarding Selective Licensing In Maltby

Reply from Matthew Finn, Community Protection Manager at RMBC regarding the “Selective Licensing” proposals and consultation (alleged, as usual)

Note the downward turn of the tone of the email already… from a jolly Hello, Mrs G….. ! and Best Wishes, sign off in the first reply, to a first name only – not even “Dear”  in this one. Seems am not in favour for asking reasonable questions again. 

Maybe the Freedom of Information request will produce a more informative response.


 Thanks for your emails. 

 The meetings were not formal meetings and there is no agenda.  They were drop in sessions.  These were advertised on the website, the questionnaires posted to residents and on press releases which have been printed in the Rotherham Advertiser.

 Unfortunately I can’t [provide a copy of any attendance lists as they contain personal details which we can’t release.


 Matt Finn

Community Protection Manager

Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council

Tel:  01709 823134; Mobile: 07785253909   “

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