Ship of fools?

Good to see the Advertiser giving the facts of the whole sorry, sordid situation of RMBC. If voters still have not woken up to how bad this is we might as well give up all hope of a decent future for Rotherham.

Rotherham Politics

This weeks edition of the Rotherham Advertiser, takes Rotherham Council to task on the debt issue.

This eye watering debt mountain, will become much more onerous for us to bear, when interest rates rise towards 5% over the next few years!

If Rotherham was a country, our debt mountain would be somewhere between Greece and Ukraine’s. Little wonder then, it has been concealed from us?

Rotherham’s citizens will be paying the price for this monumental folly for years to come, so long, that my grandchildren will still be paying for it, long after the current leadership is gone and forgotten.

This is the Advertisers take:

Debt 1Debt 2Debt 3

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2 Responses to Ship of fools?

  1. says:

    What district were you part of before RMBC came along in 1975? I would prefer to go back to the Kiveton rural district, that is now 1.5 times bigger, provided better services and was cheaper in real terms.

  2. says:

    Half a billion pound debt. When Anston was run by the Kiveton rural district we had a surplus, good services and lower costs. Big is not better and cheaper, too many plush offices in Rotherham and salaries to match.

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