Foodbanks in Maltby –

A year ago today since we had this news on the foodbank in Maltby, to which £500 of Maltby’s money was “donated” by Maltby Town Council. Foodbank

Addison Road, Maltby, Rotherham South Yorkshire S66 8DA

Contact: Sean Gibbons Telephone: 01709 717186 Email: Website:

Maltby Foodbank launched on Fri 22nd March 2013 in order to help those in need locally with surplus,healthy food in the form of an Eat Well Box (see image) for a subsidised £2.50.  Other Information Maltby Foodbank is open every Wednesday (from Wed 27th March 2013) between 11am and 1pm. Eligibility is based on local knowledge of need and proof of entitlement e.g. low income, pensioner, mental health needs etc.  Those who need food support will be assisted to the best of our abilities and also sign-posted to other front-line professionals e.g. NHS, RMBC, CAB, social services, DWP, children’s centres, financial inclusion support etc where appropriate. We work in partnership with local churches, schools, children’s centres, Elected Members, Maltby Town Council etc in order help those less fortunate in our local community. We are currently planning a second day for accessing Maltby Foodbank in another deprived area in Maltby in partnership with a local church – MORE TO FOLLOW (11th Feb 2014)

In this year we have had  numerous tv programmes, newspaper reports and social media discussions on the “need for” food banks and who is actually responsible for us being in a situation like this.  As announced in last years report, another foodbank has indeed been opened in Maltby at St Mary Magdalene Church, Muglet Lane, which is open on Fridays between 12.30 and 2.30. mb hasn’t any details on who funds this and what are the criteria for eligibility. Be grateful for any information on this from any reader.

Of course, mb didn’t get to know the funding, criteria and eligibility details about the Addison Rd foodbank either. Maltby Town Council did not oblige and neither did our MP, Kevin Barron. Perhaps there has not been an opportunity for a photo shoot at the latest foodbank opening.

Look forward to any info and discussion on this that can be provided by elected members or Maltby residents.

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