Election results – Maltby Town Council

At the polling station yesterday, the Maltby electorate summoned up as much enthusiasm as they could muster with a turnout of 17.4%

The result was – Labour 154, Ind 123 and TUSC 42

 with the Labour Party candidate Richard Price being elected. 

On the day, as usual, the votes were over taken by the postal voting.  It would be good to be able to say that this is a fair and open method of voting but unfortunately past experience shows differently.

Congratulations to Richard Price. Hopefully, he has a mind and voice of his own which will show in his ideas, decisions and actions. Hopefully also, these will be for the benefit of the whole Maltby community and not just Labour Party’s cronyism.

Maltbyblogger will be asking our new councillors to comment on here.

(Perhaps they will be able to help get MTC’s website up and running, too )



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3 Responses to Election results – Maltby Town Council

  1. The people of Anston and Dinnington want Barron and the Labour party out of our towns, I hope the people of Maltby and elsewhere aren’t going to let us down. The tooth fairy won’t pay off the half a billion pound Rotherham Labour debt.

  2. It’s not a case of the people of Maltby letting anyone down but rather that the Labour party has such an historically long hold over the people – for whatever reason. Perhaps our new councillors will show that party politics has no place on Maltby Town Council and the next MP to be elected is likewise concerned with Rother Valley and not their own career prospects. It’s not beyond hope… is it ?

  3. Independentanstonpolitics.wordpress.com says:

    I notice that more people voted not to vote for Labour. The trouble is people falsely belief that Labour looks after the working class, but the previous Labour governments agenda, created wage compression and job insecurity, that only an extreme Conservative government would normally do. Note all parties offering a vote on the EU before the election, which they then deny us and then force through legislation they had no mandate for and didn’t mention in their manifesto’s. Like Nick said watch the small print, what a sheep in wolves clothing. Regards Tim

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