New Maltby Councillor canvasses with ‘The Team’

Having a browse around Twitter, I realised that I do not have access to our new MTC councillor, Richard Price, any more on this medium.

I don’t know how long this has been the case as I frequent Twitter less often these days, but do remember Richard following me on there and retweeting various items in the recent past. Seems that now his tweets are “protected” and only certain folk are able to see what he tweets (rather like Cllr Jahangir Akhtar, Deputy Leader of RMBC and one time Dep PCC – though he now only blocks me from following)

Perhaps the criteria for a person to access @Richardp1490  and @Jahangirakhtar is to be a member of the Labour Party, or to at least, vote Labour.  This would be their personal right of course, if the activity on Twitter was “personal”  and not council related.  Judge for yourself whether these elected councillors are doing just that.

@Richardp1490   Rprice 1490

Labour activist, Yorkshireman, Socialist, . A Robert Owen type. I’m the one the Daily Mail warned you about.

Jahangir Akhtar@Jahangirakhtar

Tweeting in a private capacity, if you don’t like what I say please dont follow.

At a Children’s centre consultation event in Dinnington.

Grand opening of Ideal rooms by the Mayor

Having a great evening at the Mayors Fundraiser. Raised nearly £700

Busy Sunday, campaigning in the morning, 2 Community events PM and the Mayors Charity Fundraiser tonight!!

Great session of campaigning in Henley area. Big thank u 2 for coming all the way from Maltby to take part

What a busy “personal” life some of our councillors have. It’s a wonder they have time to do any council work.


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8 Responses to New Maltby Councillor canvasses with ‘The Team’

  1. Steve says:

    You sound a very bitter individual. what’s the problem with the said Richard campaigning for a political party that he is a mber of ?

    • What would I have to be bitter about, Steve ?

      This blog is sharing information and views that the people of Maltby might not otherwise hear about. It is not maltbyblogger that needs to be judged, but those who are elected and purporting to represent us.
      If you don’t see that there is a “problem” with political party campaigning by a councillor elected to MTC then you need delve a little deeper into the background. Or maybe you already know a lot about MTC because you are a councillor yourself ?

  2. Steve says:

    You may say that but I couldn’t possibly comment -))))

  3. Which is precisely The Problem 🙂
    Maltby needs to know ALL the facts and to be consulted on issues that affect us in a fit and proper manner, before decisions are made. Now, how many times can we say this happens ?

    • Steve says:

      I would say Maltby is consulted on all relevant issues. The meetings are transparent and open to public scrutiny.

      And if people want to get involved more then they should stand for office and make the changes they deem appropriate.

      Judging by your passion for Maltby, why don’t you partake in the democratic process ?

  4. Assume by ‘the meetings’ you mean Maltby Town Council meetings ? Not sure about them being transparent and open to public scrutiny when it’s like asking for the Holy Grail to get a copy of minutes before they are signed off. (It’s not MTC’s policy, I am told )
    I do take part in the democratic process – by registering my vote and giving my opinion. That tired old argument that people should stand for office if they have an opinion about the council doesn’t hold any sway anymore. True democracy isn’t about getting elected to take part in the process. Seen it from all sides, Steve.

    • Steve says:

      I believe it is the same practice with every organisation to check the accuracy of minutes before they are published.

      I do take your point about standing for public office. It is a matter for each individual to choose how they take part in the democratic process but I do think people who stand for office shouldn’t be attacked and ridiculed at every oportunity.

      After all it’s easy to be a key board warrior safely behind the computer screen.

      • Sorry for the long delay in replying,Steve. Just found your comment.
        It may be the supposed practice with every organisation to check the accuracy of the minutes though clearly this can not be verified after they have been “signed” off.
        My greatest argument with MTC over this is that they will NOT let the public see a draft copy of the minutes as some more reputable organisations do. (Even RMBC have been known to release draft minutes )
        I recall many occasions at MTC when the minutes were skimmed over and passed despite members of the public – and councillors – protesting that what had been said, heard or seen was not what was being recorded accurately. Time and again, MTC have refused to have the proceedings of public meetings recorded, something that many councils and reputable organisations do.It took long enough to get microphones so that everyone could hear and understand what everyone said !
        There can only be one reason for this refusal, I suggest and that is that the council have something to hide from the public.
        On your point of people who stand for office, I do not believe that mb has ” attacked and ridiculed at every opportunity.” Ifso, please direct me to where this has happened without justification.
        As for ” it’s easy to be a key board warrior safely behind the computer screen.”, I don’t think mb can be accused of that either. There comes a point however when the attacks on the blogger/public for asking questions and wanting to know the truth becomes intolerable and to be face to face with the attackers is not the greatest of ideas. 😉

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