Sure Start Children Centre’s, consultation figures completely floored?

Rotherham Politics

I attended my local Children’s Centre consultation event, and was completely flabbergasted by what surely must be one of the most audacious missuses of figures ever attempted. Even for RMBC this was ambitious.

My concerns fall into three areas.

1) Credibility of Statistics.

We were informed that the decision as to which centres would close was based on an index of deprivation and poverty of children under 5. We were then told that Aughton Early Years Centre (which is staying open) had 411 children in that category, but then we were told that neighbouring Kiveton and Wales apparrently has no children whatsoever in that category. Anyone who knows anything about these two communities knows this is quite literally ‘ incredible ‘. Socioeconomically these two communities must be nearly identical.

2) Irrelevance of statistics

We were then informed that the statistics being used for the consultation were (unbelievably) from 2010. that…

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1 Response to Sure Start Children Centre’s, consultation figures completely floored?

  1. Incredible – yet this is how RMBC are using their “statistics”
    Is this what’s happened at every “consultation” ? Unfortunately it appears to be so.
    Open, honest and transparent – not words that apply to RMBC.

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