Run up to the elections 2014 – the chat, the gossip, the truth and the lies

In the run up to the elections on May 22nd, we have another blog discussing the ideas, attitudes and comments on the political situation in Rotherham

Many of us are being called “keyboard warriors” again, which seems to be the phrase to use when some folks annoy other folks for voicing their opinions on the internet. 

Back in 2013 and earlier, made many posts and had contributions from the people of Rotherham on various topics, but mainly it was in my view, set up to rubbish the blog

Maltbyblogger has had it’s own disagreements with rotherhampolitics in the past, being blocked on a couple of occasions and then being ‘reinstated’ as a commenter. That is of course, the perogative of the blogger but only confirms the view that there are some comments that are unpalatable, for whatever reason.

Perhaps rotherhampoliticstake2 will unearth some truths that have not been ousted yet and provide the “lively debate” that we bloggers yearn for !

In any case,when you are tired of hearing the same old stories from the same old election candidates, it makes for some light entertainment to read the comments and try to unravel the clues to the identity of the posters. 🙂

Happy pre – election ponderings.

(candidate info and analysis to follow )

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1 Response to Run up to the elections 2014 – the chat, the gossip, the truth and the lies

  1. rothpolt2 says:

    A very good piece. Will be reading daily!

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