Candidates for Hellaby – Mallinder, Mehban and Turner

Jeanette Malinder – Labour  (through and through)

Info here :

Failed to get elected to Maltby Town Council, twice, so having a bash at RMBC now. Good chance as mates Andrews and Astbury are there.

One of Labour’s members who turned Independant and back again.


Omar Mehban – Conservative –  (from Monster Raving Loony through the other routes and now Tory.)

My Pledges To You: I am going to make 3 simple pledges to the people of Hellaby:

 Save taxpayers’ money,

 Actively communicate with you,

Speak up for the elderly and the vulnerable.

Mission Statement

As part of the Rotherham Conservative Party, I am interested in promoting financial reform of the Council and working towards improving its services to the people of Rotherham. I want the Hellaby ward to be safe and thriving. Safe for children, and safe for the elderly. My aim is to fight for the interests of the Ward and to highlight areas in need of improvement. Rotherham Conservatives are calling for a fresh start in Rotherham’s political system, and we are re-dedicating ourselves anew to you; the people of Rotherham.
We’ll campaign for fairer votes, we’ll campaign for justice and we’ll campaign for you!

Good luck with this one then Omar. Not many parties left to support if this fails ! 


John Turner – UKip  (ex Conservative ) 

Remembered semi – fondly by maltbyblogger as Old Mr Grace from  “Are you being served” who put out his hand to introduce himself to me at a Rother Valley Area Assembly meeting circa 2009 … and forgot what his role was. Turned out to be vice-chair of the assembly and was later put in position as Chair (didn’t last long)Image

Should have taken to his allotment as a pastime, many years ago (imo)

Recent Twitter comments from RMBC candidates

So UKIP candidate in Hellaby John Turner’s cunning strategy is to tell residents that the Tory Candidate is black! And ?

UKIP Candidate tells resident in Hellaby he will win cause the Tory candidate is black. Disgraceful statement”typical ukip

we need to use this. Where did he say it ?

on the doorstep of a resident who told him she voted Labour


UKIP Candidate John Turner for Hellaby thinks he will win because ” the Tory standing is black”


Play nicely, children ! 


Further reading, if  you bear it , at


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4 Responses to Candidates for Hellaby – Mallinder, Mehban and Turner

  1. D.Chambers says:

    re UKIP candidate, – so a labour voter claiming UKIP are racist – no surprises there then, actually UKIP are the only party to ban membership from anyone with a known background of racism or who have formerly belonged to any other party or organisation with racist views. The thing us most people who have ever so much as mentioned immigration have been called a racist by labour in the past (wrongfully) and though i hesistate to use the ‘boy who cried wolf’ analogy, as UKIP is not a racist party or a wolf, but i think the labour ploy is wearing very thin with voters.

  2. Agree D Chambers. The whole Labour attitude has worn so thin it’s teansparent. Unfortunately not in the open and honest way. Claiming racism has been used for so long that real racism is likely to be passed over. Sorry state of affairs.

  3. Omar Mehban says:

    Hi Maltbyblogger, irrespective of whether I win Hellaby, I’ll be sticking around with Rotherham Conservatives 🙂
    As for John Turner’s comments, if he wasn’t known for saying such inappropriate things I wouldn’t believe the above. However, he has form and it wouldn’t surprise me if he did say it.

  4. Wishing you good luck Omar. You are clearly the better candidate of the 3 , whichever party you support !

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