UKip Candidate for Maltby – Roger Jarvis

The dogs didn’t like the look of the UKip leaflet when it floated through my letter box, so I only have one side of the general Rotherham leaflet to show here.



Don’t think the Maltby one had anything more specific to say and we have seen enough of UKip’s leader and his followers to make our own minds up on whether they are what we really need in Rotherham, or anywhere else !

Roger Jarvis of The Homestead, 22a Joan Lane, Hooton Levitt, Rotherham  S66 8PH  is our candidate anyway. If anyone has any information they can share with us or if Mr Jarvis himself would care to comment on here then mb would appreciate it.

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3 Responses to UKip Candidate for Maltby – Roger Jarvis

  1. I would go back to pre RMBC days, cheaper rates and better services.

  2. Really IAP ? How would that work for Maltby do you think ?

  3. says:

    Anston and Dinnington were part of the Kiveton rural district. It was far cheaper in real terms and the services were superior. Rather than bigger being cheaper and better, it gives exactly the opposite. I don’t know what district was part of? The Kiveton rural district has grown from 25K to 35K since 1975, we would now be able to buy services from other districts or private utilities.

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