Amy Rushforth – Labour Party Election Leaflet and BNP Leaflet arrive together

Election leaflets are a bit like buses, here in Maltby.

I’d just said 2 days ago that I didn’t expect a Labour leaflet through my door, and then a Labour leaflet comes through my door. Actually it was in the post box on the wall, along with some ordinary mail, a Morrisons leaflet and a BNP leaflet. 

(Could it be that candidates are now using the postal service to send out their literature ?) 

Here in all their glory, the 3 RMBC representatives for Maltby.

No further comment.





Then we have Marlene for the BNP, who I am sure will not mind me saying is a sandwich short of a picnic !


The usual ridiculous comments and statements from the BNP that might be amusing if they didn’t really believe what they are saying about themselves.

Maltby had it’s share of this party back in 2008/09 with Mr W Blair – thankfully for Maltby, now retired.

(MB will look at the Euro candidates in the next post)

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