Election Day minus 1 and a bit

So, here we are with only one more full day to make our decisions on who we are going to vote for, or not as the case may be.               


From conversations I’ve had with people over the last week or so, it seems to me that despite a variety of leaflets dropping through our letterboxes, and numerous party political broadcasts on television, most of us haven’t a clue. 

Not only are we lacking in knowledge of the parties who are standing in our own wards but many of us are apparently still in the dark as to how the voting / election process actually works. Someone,  somewhere is not doing their job properly if this is the case, I suggest. Either that or the majority of us don’t give two hoots about who gets elected to represent us on our local council. 

Maybe this is the “my family has always voted … ” scenario or is it really that we don’t see anything getting better for ordinary people and the divide between rich and poor is  becoming wider no matter who is elected ?



Personally, I am in no doubt who I am not voting for, but that leaves me (as I have stated elsewhere) with either spoiling the paper – wasting my vote as some would say – or voting for someone who appears to have very little in common with me and my family, apart from living in Maltby.

Perhaps a revelation will come to me overnight tonight or tomorrow that shows who I should vote for without any doubt that this person if elected will make a difference, for the better, to our town. I doubt it, but miracles do sometimes appear to happen. 


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5 Responses to Election Day minus 1 and a bit

  1. R. Wilde says:

    As far as the local elections go we have an independent candidate who does genuinely want the best for Maltby. I will be voting for him, not because I believe he can win (the compliant drones will vote Labour as they always have and always will), but because I believe he would do a good job if if he were elected.

    As for the European elections I’m as much in the dark as you, lol.

  2. Thanks for the comment R Wilde. I have almost decided that I will be voting for the same person that you speak of and for the same reasons 🙂

  3. http://independentanstonpolitics.wordpress.com/ says:

    It’s a no brainer when it comes to the elections, vote for any party who is opposed to the EU. Nearly half of the parties are anti EU, avoid voting for Labour, Liberal, Conservative, Greens and Respect if you want to leave the EU. Why would anybody want to give away control of their country to another, my Grandfathers both fought against that in the 2nd world war and my Great grandfather in the first.

    • I think your grandfathers were fighting against fascism, imperialism and nationalism too, which cannot be ruled out just by leaving the EU – but I take your points.
      According to some sources UKIP are set for a historic election victory as Labour and Tories fear bad weather and anger over Europe could leave turnout in some areas as low as 15%. That’s about average for Maltby so we can’t really say the weather is the cause 🙂

      • http://independentanstonpolitics.wordpress.com/ says:

        The EU is imperialism and a covert fascism, they started the problems in the Ukraine. 10 out of the 21 seats went to UKIP across Rotherham, with a close 2nd in all the others. So shocked that Labour got back in Anston, by 30 votes, so disappointed with the people of Anston.

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