Election Day May 22nd 2014 – less than 3 hours to go (still raining)

Some sources are saying that UKIP is set for a historic election victory as Labour and Tories fear bad weather and anger over Europe could leave turnout in some areas as low as 15%. It was persistently raining as I went to the polling station this afternoon, yet there seemed to be a steady stream of voters going in and out (Manor School)  but time will tell if the weather is contributing to the numbers or not.

Some election day “facts” to keep us amused till the counting :


  • Polling stations opened across the country at 7am and will close at 10pm 
  • There are 4,216 seats on 161 councils up for grabs across England 
  • 73 MEPs will be elected across the UK with results announced on Sunday 
  • Ukip set to top Euro poll, pushing Labour into second and Tories third
  • Lib Dem memo reveals they expect to lose ALL of their MEPs
  • Bad weather set to boost Ukip as Labour and Tory voters stay at home 
  • Farage suggests joint Tory-Ukip candidates at the 2015 general election
  • Voters warned they could be jailed if they take selfies in polling stations
  • Police guard polling stations in areas at risk of fraud and intimidation

The last two in particular made me chuckle .  Who would even consider taking a ‘selfie’ inside a polling station ? The mind boggles. 

And as for areas at risk of fraud and intimidation – wonder who and how it’s decided which these are ? Not the Police or the current ruling parties, surely ! 

Happy voting and may the candidate with the community’s  interests at heart, be elected.

Results published here –  



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