How VERY Interesting – Update – How MTC Manipulates the Council

There have been a large number of views of this post from over a year ago in the past few days so re blogging for those interested (and those who didn’t see it previously)


Well, well, well …

Update on post this morning

Have been pondering over this post and checking and re – checking the photos and info on Maltby Town Council’s Councillor page on the website. Kept adding them up and always came to 18 – so what’s happening here ?

Then it clicked with me. A phone call to Kathryn Astbury – she is away this weekend so I spoke to her daughter Cllr Lauren Astbury – confirms that 

Kathryn Astbury has not been removed from Maltby Town Council and remains a councillor to this day.

So in fact, not a mistake, deliberate or otherwise. Just an underhanded conniving plan, quite cleverly executed, to remove those from the council who don’t fit the Labour Party’s views and keep those who do.

Kathryn Astbury (daughter of MTC councillors Cllr C Stringer and Cllr K Stringer) was elected in May 2011, obviously…

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