Child Sex Exploitation – RMBC and South Yorks Police Latest News

Rotherham Borough Council and South Yorkshire Police may have been thinking that this whole disgusting situation was forgotten about and glossed over. 

The victims and their legal advisors have a different view. Such a shame for RMBC that this news is on the same day that their new deputy’s name is being reported.  

Social workers ‘knew children in their care were being sexually exploited’, women claim

Jessica was just 14 when she was taken into care by Rotherham Council. She was pregnant and believed she was in love in with a man who was almost twice her age, married and with a violent criminal record.

She now knows that she was the victim of grooming by a much older man who was able, with a toxic mixture of bribery and threats, to abuse her for several years.

She is one of 15 women now taking joint legal action against Rotherham Council alleging that social workers failed to protect them.

It is the first time that a local authority has been sued for allowing children in their care to be sexually exploited by men while they were still under the age of consent.

Jessica – not her real name but an identity we have given her to ensure her anonymity – did not come from a dysfunctional family. She describes a happy childhood where she dreamt of becoming a professional dancer.

But her family could not control the influence the older man had on their teenage daughter.

He bought her presents, gave her cigarettes and alcohol and encouraged her to stay away from school.

Read rest of report here :

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