Cllr Jo Burton, ex councillor Jahangir Akhtar and Our Kev – what a bonny bunch !

It’s not only Maltby, as we well know that experiences dodgy goings on and dirty tricks actioned and implemented by the Labour Party. 
Anston and Woodsetts, Dinnington and other Rother Valley areas also have their fair share of  “you couldn’t make it up” events/charades.
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Heard on the grapevine today that  until the Friday before the election, Jo Burton was ‘bricking’ herself !  She had Jahangir Akhtar, ‘Sir’ Kevin Barron and 5 other councillors, door knocking with a letter Jo had done at Sir Kev’s office in Dinnington. 
Now another thing that we all know is that constituency offices and equipment therein is not to be used – at the tax payers expense – for Labour Party, or any other party, campaigning.  Unless Kev has changed the rules on this. Letter to the man himself asking this question winging it’s way right now.
Ex deputy leader Akhtar was clearly desperate himself for votes to be out door knocking at all. It didn’t work to plan as it happened, but we are sure to be hearing more about this disgrace of a man, with the child sex abuse situation back in the news today. His knowledge of his relatives involvement is widespread now.
Another example of the cronyism that goes on is the coffee morning arranged by Jo Burton. A constituent went to this coffee morning and mentioned that he had been to the Houses of Parliament but had not been allowed to look around, Our Kev duly gave him a handwritten note and said “You’ll be able to get in now”.  Perks of the position or perks of the Labour Party ?  
Jo Burton has been a councillor in Anston and Woodsetts for the past twelve years – and done precisely nothing for the communities.
Sounds an awful lot like Maltby councillors … … 
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