The Times – In full – heads must surely roll!

“Decade of abuse in South Yorkshire ”

Rotherham Politics

Rothpol is indebted for the work of our scanner reader who has provided these scans:

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2 Responses to The Times – In full – heads must surely roll!

  1. R. Wilde says:

    MUST heads roll though? This is RMBC we’re talking about after all. We thought heads must roll when it all first came to light. As more and more information was released, we thought it then too. We thought it when the Home Affairs Select Committee report was published. To my knowledge not one head has rolled over this yet. My worry is that it will be the wrong heads that eventually roll.

  2. Sadly that is likely to be what happens. We could try 38 degrees and other petitioning . Its worth a try. Anythings worth a try to sort out this incredible mess.

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