Wonder why TUSC Won? Last weekend leaflet!

Christine Beaumont up for election next May. Is this really what Maltby needs ?

Rotherham Politics

Maltby by-election: TUSC’s final push

It’s the final weekend before the election to the North ward of Maltby Town Council, and TUSC are making a last big push before polling day on Thursday. A new leaflet is being distributed to residents through the week and another stall was done today (Saturday) on the High Street, which, as with previous stalls, was popular with the general public.

In the new leaflet there is a Q&A in response to questions received on the campaign, addressing questions about TUSC’s stance, agenda and Joe Robinson, their candidate. A new addition has been added to the ‘local issues’ section, about the state of Maltby’s High Street. To quote: “I propose that MTC seeks additional funding for a second street cleaner/community warden… as well as look into measures to stimulate local shops rather than more take-aways/throw-aways!”



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4 Responses to Wonder why TUSC Won? Last weekend leaflet!

  1. Brooks says:

    I can believe this for sure. She had a reputation back in her teaching days for being a sour autocrat in the classroom. Labour need to offer up something better or UKIP will be in. Hope TUSC will stand.

  2. If Christine Beaumont is for Labour then I'm voting UKIP says:

    Christine Beaumont refused to help me out on an issue with my neighbors. I also walk my dogs down Lily Hall Road at the weekends and everyone in that area are voting for UKIP because she failed to stand up for them on the Lily Hall school situation. My dad was a miner and I have voted Labour for over 30 years but sadly I will be voting for UKIP next year as this is the final straw for me.

  3. Thanks for the comments, which I can identify with in both replies and am sure many others in Maltby feel the same. Labour for Labour’s sake has worn itself into the ground and hopefully next May’s elections will give the party the boot (out) that is needed. Despite the results of last month’s elections, it seems that many councillors are still in cloud cuckoo land about what Maltby and Rotherham needs. Labour dinosaurs and their descendants are not welcome.

  4. If Christine Beaumont is for Labour then I'm voting UKIP says:

    Tell me about it. I dragged myself to go out and vote for Labour and Amy Rushforth this year. I was 50/50 right up until the point of standing in the voting booth. I decided to go with Amy on a whim. Probably a subconsious decision because i’ve been voting for Labour for over three decades now and my parents and grandparents decades before that. But considering the state of the Labour Party now and that Christine Beaumont has let so many people down around Lily Hall Road and Maltby it has finally pushed me over the edge to strategically vote for UKIP next time. Dinosaurs out please.

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